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Founded in 2014, HOU Locksmith company is a professional locksmith Westchase residents trust for lock and key repair. Our expert locksmith team is headed by Leon Podolner, who is certified by the State of Texas with Locksmith License Number #B07285201

HOU Locksmith is a completely mobile Houston locksmith serving Westchase. We drive our trusted van to your location so our Westchase locksmiths can assist with your lock and key requirements.

All About Westchase, TX

Westchase is one of the prominent business districts of West Houston. Westchase has a population of around 30,000 and is mainly a commercial district. 

Houston oil tycoon Robert E. Smith bought tracts of Westchase in 1950. Part of this was bought in 1969 by the Friendswood Development Co. to form Woodlake. This was a residential precinct built at the crossroads of Gessner and Westheimer. Westchase rapidly developed after a brief slump due to the 1970 oil crisis.

In 1973, the Westchase Corporation bought 760 acres from Smith. This was converted into corporate property. This was the beginning of the Westchase Management District. Western Geophysical and Chevron were the first companies to set up shop here. The Sam Houston Tollway, also called Beltway was built from 1985-88.


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After the law regarding the Westchase Management District was passed in 1995, many companies made their headquarters here. Statoil, Geokinetics, Randall’s Food Markets, and the Men’s Wearhouse were some of those who operated from here internationally.

In 1995, one part of the neighborhood became the Westchase Management District. Since it functions as a separate unit, the government provides urban planning, public safety, and even special branding. 

Experience the true wonder of a Texan homeland. Walk into Westchase and chase your dreams. 

The Area of Westchase, TX

Westchase lies near Greater Sharpstown. The International Division with the Chinatown is next to it. To the northeast of Alief, lies Westchase and a highway bisects it. To its east is Gessner, to its west is Houston Boulevard Center. at the north of Westchase is Westheimer and to the south, Westpark Tollway.

The Brays Bayou flows through the center of Westchase. That is why Westchase has many nature trails along its course. to the west of Westchase is the Andarau Air Park which has now become a country club.

Westchase primarily serves as a business District. The Westchase Management District has 118 offices. The total area is 4.32 square miles. It has 16.3 million square foot space for offices. Don’t confuse Westchase with the community of Westchase near Tampa, Florida.

Should you require any emergency services, reliable lock repair, or a security system set up for your home or business, call a trustworthy Westchase locksmith service provider such as HOU Locksmith at (713) 425 2525 to help you out.

Need a professional Westchase locksmith?

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Source: “Slick Willies on Westheimer, Houston, TX” by quadrant6ix is licensed with CC BY-NC 2.0.

Directions to Westchase, TX

Westchase is just 18 miles from Houston. You can reach it in 21 minutes driving distance if you take the I-10W. You can also travel by I-69 which will take a few extra minutes.

Public Transport Nearby Westchase, TX

Buses are the main mode of public transport in Westchase. Westchase has 2 bus stops at the following locations:

  • Westheimer Rd @ Wallingford Drive
  • Westheimer Rd @ S Kirkwood Road

These are the main transit stations near Westchase.

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Places of Interest in Westchase, TX

The development of Westchase brought in many hotel chains here like the Marriott and Hilton.

If you want to hang out at a cool pub at Westchase, you have Molly’s Irish Pub or the Zanzibar Bar and Lounge.

At a short distance from Westchase is the Houston Audubon. This non-profit organization is keen on wildlife preservation. It has the Edit Moore Nature Reserve under its wing. You can go to the Edith Moore to get your fill of nature, bird, and animal life.

Attractions in Westchase, TX

At Westchase, you can go shopping at the Galleria or the Memorial City Mall. Outside the Galleria is the Water Wall, which is a sight to see. You can also visit the Hong Kong City Mall or the Town and Country Village.

At 7 minutes via the Wilcrest Driveway is the Teo-Chew Temple. This is one sight you must not miss. This Chinese temple has a beautiful architecture that is worth seeing and capturing on camera.

At 15 minutes from Westchase is the Zuma Fun Center. You can have fun with bumper boats, batting cages, go-karts, and miniature golf.

HOU Locksmith -Westchase Locksmith -Houtson-Hong-Kong-City-Mall in Westchase,Tx

Source:”Houtson-Hong-Kong-City-Mall” by Andrea_Nguyen is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

HOU Locksmith -Westchase Locksmith -Houston-teo-chew-temple in Westchase,Tx

Source:”Houston-teo-chew-temple” by Andrea_Nguyen is licensed with CC BY 2.0.

Landmarks in Westchase, TX

Many schools operating in Westchase are notable landmarks like the Wesley Academy, River Oaks Academy, and Alexander Smith Academy.

Many countries like the Philippines, Costa Rica, and Indonesia opened their consulates in Westchase. These consulates double as landmarks. 

If you’re looking for a professional Houston locksmith in Westchase, look no further than HOU Locksmith. Our expert team is headed by Leon Podolner who has been certified with the State of Texas and holds License Number B07285201. We drive our trusted van to your location so that we can assist Westchase residents with all their lock and key needs. Give us a call at (713) 425-2525 today!

FAQs About Westchase

77057 and 77063 are the ZIP codes of Westchase.

About 1500 businesses operate from Westchase.

Most companies in Westchase are from the petroleum industry which is Houston’s main focus. ABB, Chevron, BMC Software, Dow Chemicals, Petrochina, Phillips 66, and Jacob Engineering have their main headquarters in Westchase.

An auto locksmith serving Westchase can help even if you have another set of keys. Most keys can be deprogrammed making it impossible to stat up the vehicle. An auto locksmith will plug a diagnostic machine into your car and remove all programmed keys and desync remote locking fobs. A new key can be made to fit your existing locks and start the car. It is also possible to change locks so the mechanical key will no longer turn in the ignition and door locks. This will cost much more than just replacing the key and is not always necessary.

A commercial locksmith can resecure your site after a breach. Whether you have traditional locks and keys or a digitalized entry system, commercial locksmiths serving Westchase can either reinstall or reprogram the appropriate systems. You can also consider this service if you’ve recently had a high employee turnover rate and want to change your security infrastructure.

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