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Founded in 2014, HOU Locksmith company is a professional locksmith Meadows Place residents trust for lock and key repair. Our expert locksmith team is headed by Leon Podolner, who is certified by the State of Texas with Locksmith License Number #B07285201

HOU Locksmith is a completely mobile Houston locksmith serving Meadows Place. We drive our trusted van to your location so our Meadows Place locksmiths can assist with your lock and key requirements.

More on Meadows Place,TX

Meadows Place is a part of Fort Bend County in Texas. It is located on US Highway 59. 

Earlier, Meadows Place was called just “Meadows”. However, since there is another city called Meadow in Texas, the name was changed to Meadows Place. It was incorporated in 1983.

The community of Meadows Place is a highly modern and developed area. They fitted smart water meters to monitor the water usage at the homes on a 24×7 basis. This helped the city keep track of their water usage and detect and repair leaks at once.

Meadows Place is a close-knit community. Nearly 70% of them are married couples. The median income of a family in Meadows Place is $75,548. Males have an income above $50k while females have only $35,000 as income. 

Meadows Place is a serene spot with a great quality of life. Visit and enjoy the tranquil beauty of Meadows Place and learn a thing or two about nature and water reuse.

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Neighborhoods of Meadows Place, TX

Meadows Place is the tiniest city in Texas with all urban facilities. It has fire, police, and EMS departments. It is a self-sustained city with all urban amenities.

Meadows Place was the first small city in Texas to talk of water reuse. They created a beautiful lake in the middle of the city. This lake was used not only as a tourist and entertainment spot but also for irrigation of the city’s parks. Meadows Place bagged the Keep Texas Beautiful award for this project. This initiative became so popular that Meadows Place was invited to present a poster at Denver’s Annual Water Reuse Symposium. Next. Meadows Place gained international acclaim when they were invited to the International Water Convention. People from Norway, Sweden, and Canada visited Meadows Place to see this project for themselves.

Should you require any emergency services, reliable lock repair, or a security system set up for your home or business, call a trustworthy Meadows Place locksmith service provider such as HOU Locksmith at (713) 425 2525 to help you out.

Need a professional Meadows Place locksmith?

HOU Locksmith - Meadows Place Locksmith -Driving Underneath Sam Houston Tollway in Meadows Place,Tx

Source:”Driving Underneath Sam Houston Tollway, Houston, Texas” by Ken Lund is licensed with CC BY-SA 2.0.

Directions to Meadows Place,TX

There are three routes you can use to drive from Meadows Place to Houston. From Highway I-69, it takes 22 minutes and the two places are 17.4 miles away. Alternate pathways include the I-10 East Highway and Sam Houston Tollway North. 

Public Transport Nearby Meadows Place, TX

Meadows Place is a small area and as such, there is a lack of transit stations at this location. The nearest light rail station is at Palm Center Transit Center. 3 bus stops are situated at the following locations close to Meadows Place:

  • West Bellfort Avenue @ Wilcrest Drive
  • Westheimer Road @ S Kirkwood Road
  • Bellaire Boulevard @ Cannock Road

" My car died and my remote would not unlock my car. I saw his reviews and decided to call. Leon responded promptly and answered all my questions. He was able to open my car with no damage at all and even jumped my car free of charge. Definitely would recommend! "
Beverly Colon

Places of Interest Near Meadows Place, TX

At about 19 minutes from Meadows Place are the Pumpkin Lakes and the Cullinan Park. These places of interest are natural preserves ideal for birdwatching and wildlife preservation.

Attractions Around Meadows Place, TX

Meadows Place has 12 acres of parkland within its limits called McGrath Municipal Park. Inside this park is a big pool and recreation center. The residents of Meadows Place play baseball, and basketball here. There are tennis courts and a running track as well. People come to the lake for fishing and birdwatching. The picnic tables and Barbecue pits make this place ideal for weekend get-togethers. Many community events like the 4th of July Parade, Christmas Night, etc are held at this park here in full gaiety.

You can reach the Houston FunPlex from Meadows Place in 10 minutes via Bellfort  Avenue. This is a place for fun and frolic with at least 200 games and activities awaiting you here. A Ferris wheel, bowling alleys, trampolines, go-karts, skating, ice rinks, rides- you have it all here.

HOU Locksmith - Meadows Place Locksmith -University of Houston Sugar Land Campus in Meadows Place,Tx

Source:”University of Houston Sugar Land Campus panorama” by euthman is licensed with CC BY 2.0. 

Landmarks in Meadows Place, TX

Meadows Place has a government with a Mayor and a group of aldermen. It comes under the Fort Bend County School District. The Meadows Elementary School, and Dulles Middle and High Schools are the landmark schools that serve this community. The Wharton County Junior College and the Houston Community College are the community colleges here, which are also landmarks. The other popular institutional landmarks near Meadows Place are the University of Houston-Sugarland Campus and the Houston Baptist University.

HOU Locksmith is a professional Houston locksmith company in Meadows Place that customers trust for lock and key repair. We’re headed by Leon Podolner, who has been certified with the State of Texas under license #B07285201. Our expert team also drives our trusted van to your location so we can assist you with any lock or key needs. For more information on how we serve as an Meadows Place locksmith, call (713) 425-2525 today!

FAQs About Meadows Place

Meadows Place is located along U.S. Highway 59 off Beltway 8.

Yes. Meadows Place is a suburb of Houston.

Meadows Place is 21 miles from Houston. If you take Highway I-69, you can reach it in 23 minutes.

It is a nightmare to get locked out of your own house in Meadows Place, more unfortunate if it happens in the middle of the night. This proves to be a stressful situation that nobody wants to experience. Trusty residential locksmiths will save the day by driving to your location and helping you get in. They are equipped with the latest tools and years of training and experience to open any doors without damaging them. To prevent you from ever getting into a lockout situation again, your residential locksmiths can also cut and duplicate keys onsite for you.

You should always hire a licensed locksmith serving Meadows Place because you can easily trust their services. Many people present themselves as capable locksmiths in Meadows Place because they can perform simple lock jobs, but they charge exorbitant fees and lack licenses and training.

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