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Founded in 2014, HOU Locksmith company is a professional locksmith Gulfton residents trust for lock and key repair. Our expert locksmith team is headed by Leon Podolner, who is certified by the State of Texas with Locksmith License Number #B07285201

HOU Locksmith is a completely mobile Houston locksmith serving Gulfton. We drive our trusted van to your location so our Gulfton locksmiths can assist with your lock and key requirements.

All About Gulfton, TX

Gulfton lies on the southwest side of Houston. Gulfton is a densely-populated neighborhood on the 610 Loop with a total area of 3.2 square miles. It has the highest population density than most of the Houston neighborhoods with 5590 per square km as compared to the national average of 990 per square km. Gulfton is a culturally diverse international community home to 53,859 residents with an equal ratio of male and female. It is an excellent neighborhood with families and young professionals, who commute to work from here.

Before the 1950s. Gulfton was a rural precinct that belonged to Westmore Farms. In the 50s, to the southeast of Highway 59, the Shenandoah subdivision was built. In the 60s and 70s, several people migrated to Gulfton during the oil boom. New apartment blocks were built in a hurry to house the influx of immigrants. They were not ideal for those who wanted to settle here permanently. That is why these apartments had no sidewalks. The whole complex looked like a bunch of wacky tenements.

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Gulfton is described as the ‘Ellis Island of the present day’ as it is known for helping newcomers in the country. Gulfton has a lot of schools and welfare trust to help the community.

Go gaga in Gulfton by making the most of this attractive city.

Geography of Gulfton, TX

Gulfton is between Beltway and the 610 Loop and is to the southwest of Highway 59 or Interstate 69. To its east lies the city of Bellaire.

Gulfton is the #27 super neighborhood of Houston. It is located in the inner ring area of Greater Houston and between the suburbs and downtown. Popular neighborhoods of Gulfton are Shenandoah, Mahatma Gandhi District, Chimney Rock Road, Renwick Drive, Bellaire Boulevard, part of Bissonnet Street, South Rive Avenue, Remington Park, and Remington Dog park.

Gulfton is surrounded by Uptown and Afton Oaks in the northeast, Southwest Freeway to the entire north side, Bellaire to its southeast, Meyerland to the south, and Sharpstown to the west. Bayland park to the south of Gulfton is a kid-friendly park and place to spend your weekend.

Should you require any emergency services, reliable lock repair, or a security system set up for your home or business, call a trustworthy Gulfton locksmith service provider such as HOU Locksmith at (713) 425 2525 to help you out.

Need a professional Gulfton locksmith?

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Directions to Gulfton, TX

Gulfton is 12.2 miles from Houston via Interstate 69. It takes 15 minutes to reach here from Houston if you take Route 69.

Public Transport Near Gulfton, TX

METRO Texas operates bus services in Gulfton. The bus lines serving this area are:
  1. Route 2 – Bellaire.
  2. Route 9 – Gulfton/Holman
  3. Route 32 – SanFelipe/Renwick,
  4. Route 33- Post oak.
  5. Route 47- Hillcroft,
  6. Route 65- Bissonnet.
" Very professional and timely. Leon went the extra mile to help me move several large boxes out of my unit and was there in less than 20 minutes to help me out on a last minute call for assistance.. highly recommend. "
Rochelle Johnson

Places of Interest in Gulfton, TX

Today, Gulfton has a 71% immigrant population and a distinct immigrant culture. This is reflected in the variety of restaurants and eateries here.

For kebabs and rice platters, the Afghan Village is the spot to be in, in Gulfton. For burgers, go to Bubba’s. For vegan food, try the Green Vegetarian cuisine. Lastly, for desserts, it is the “Sweets by Belen”.

While at Gulfton, why don’t you try the Houston Haunted Bar too? Just head to Travis Street to enjoy this one-of-a-kind experience. You can have a ghost tour of all the haunted buildings and bars while sipping drinks along the way.

Attractions Around Gulfton, TX

At 30 minutes driving distance from Gulfton is the Toyota Center. This indoor arena is the home of the Houston Rockets- the basketball league. You can watch an exciting match or listen to an entertaining concert here.

The famous Minute Maid Park lies 10.8 miles and 30 minutes away from Gulfton. It was initially called the Enron or Astros Field. It has a retractable roof and a playing field of natural grass. Mainly a baseball ballpark for the Houston Astros MLB team, it also hosts soccer and rugby matches. Musical concerts of Beyonce and Paul McCartney were held here.

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Landmarks in Gulfton, TX

Gulfton has high schools, community colleges, and libraries for the welfare of the residents. These structures also serve as landmarks. Benavidez Elementary School, Cunningham Elementary School, Braeburn Elementary School, and Rodriguez Elementary school are some of the notable schools of Gulfton.

Some other landmarks of Gulfton are Toyota Stadium, Napoleon Square, Houston Police Department, Gulfton Storefront, Gulfton Skatepark, Burnett Bayland Park Soccer Field, Houston Public Library, and SER-Ninos Charter School. These landmarks confirm your presence in this neighborhood.

If you’re looking for a professional Houston locksmith in Gulfton, look no further than HOU Locksmith. Our expert team is headed by Leon Podolner who has been certified with the State of Texas and holds License Number B07285201. We drive our trusted van to your location so that we can assist Gulfton residents with all their lock and key needs. Give us a call at (713) 425-2525 today!

Frequently Asked Questions

Gulfton was hip and up-market of Houston where things were happening. But all this lasted only till the 1980s when the oil boom crashed. All the young people left Gulfton leaving the complexes empty. Many apartment owners faced bankruptcy and foreclosure. So, they reduced the rent and left the apartment to immigrants.

Houston Public library is the famous library that operates at the southwest multi-service center in HPL express southwest. This is the only library in Gulfton since 2008.

88% of Gulfton houses are made for rental purposes. Most of the houses are double-bedroom houses suitable for a nuclear family. A three-bedroom house at Gulfton can be rented for $1062, which is on par with national rent.

Accidentally locking yourself out of the car is common. Don’t panic and call an auto locksmith to help you out.

HOU Locksmith provides the locksmith services in Gulfton: 

 – Rekeying services.
– Lock installation on doors and windows.
– Key cutting services.
– Smart lock installation.
– Hinge repairs and maintenance.
– Safe installation.

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