When it comes to issues related to automotive locks, one can get into frustrating situations and hassles. Imagine a scenario in which you are getting late to completing a critical errand like sending a courier or picking up groceries. Perhaps your kids are waiting to be picked up from school. The late afternoon sweltering heat is adding to your sense of urgency. As you are waiting to drive away with kids or groceries in tow, your car keys get jammed. 

An increase in the number of vehicles has led to a rise in the demand for automotive locksmith services. Is that really so simple? Not so, driver behavior, enforcement, fines for traffic violation, urban city planning, public transportation options, peak hour traffic, all these factors play a part in your lock and key problems.

Leon Podolner, Head of the professional locksmith company HOU Locksmith in Houston, TX, gives his rationale on why automotive locksmiths are always in demand.

DIY is costly when it fails

People often attempt to solve some car lock-related issues on their own believing that a little force can help retrieve a jammed key. Some try to retrieve locked keys using screwdrivers and pocket knives. Such techniques by novices can cause severe damage to the door locks, door handles and paint. It can also have an impact on the bearings of the automobile’s lock. 

On other occasions, you might lock yourself out of your car and not have the spare keys. A more dangerous situation could be wherein your baby or pets are locked inside the car. Automotive lock-related emergencies can be stressful and dangerous and can lead you to try to solve the problem yourself. Scarily, people may find themselves in such emergency scenarios at odd times, in remote locations. Murphy’s law surely!

So for a safe, timely, and cost-effective solution, we need a  skilled locksmith to help us out of the jam. In most situations, a professional auto locksmith can help without replacing the locks and keys.

Trained in latest car technologies

Being a professional automobile locksmith requires expertise acquired through hours of training and poring through hundreds of automobile manuals, and getting the necessary certifications. Today’s local locksmiths need to keep up with the latest keyless entry technology on automobile locks and keys if they want to specialize in autos and trucks. More so, since laser and electronic key lock tech is now taking over traditional keys. 

For instance, in 2002, Honda converted each of their steel and transponder keys to laser keys. Retrieving laser keys requires a special laser cutting equipment. Not all local locksmiths have this specialized equipment but for a professional certified automotive locksmith, cutting laser keys after training is an easy task. Their van is fitted with computerized key makers for a variety of automobile models. So they can supply you with a car key replacement in minutes!

Automotive locksmiths are mobile & reach you within minutes of the call

Automotive locksmiths offer a range of services, like car lockout, duplicating your car keys, fixing your transponder remote or getting a broken key out of the ignition or trunk. Auto locksmiths come with their fully equipped vans to get you going again. They will respond faster than towing services and most times you save money by not requiring a trip to your vehicle dealer’s showroom. Trusted auto locksmiths reach the customer’s destination, usually within half an hour. Most professional automotive locksmiths also provide 24×7 emergency services. 

While looking for a professional car locksmith, one should consider genuine 5-star reviews and the number of repeat customers. Professional auto locksmiths see customer satisfaction as a top priority. Reputed locksmith service providers will also give a detailed estimate before they begin work. Hiring a good local locksmith will get you back on the road in no time. Next time you find yourself in an automotive lock-related emergency, remember to give a call to your friendly neighborhood locksmith. 

At HOU Locksmith, our expert locksmiths are just a phone call away. Our mobile locksmith services ensure that an emergency always gets a quick response. With customer care being a priority, emergency locksmith services calls are never put on hold. Our Houston customers do not get automated answers. Call Leon at 713-425-2525 today and test it for yourself!


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