Most of us lose our car keys and only some of us are smart enough to have a spare key. If you lose your key and do not have a spare, do not panic. Try these affordable solutions to get an ignition key replacement.

What do I do if I lose my car key and have no spare?

You have 3 options. First, you can try to open the car door by yourself. Second, you can go to the dealer’s showroom. Third, you can call a mobile locksmith.

In the first option, you might damage the door. In the second, you need to have your vehicle towed to the shop. So, calling an automotive locksmith is the best idea.

Why is calling an auto locksmith the best idea?

Professional locksmith companies have a team of auto locksmiths. They also have certification from ALOA – the Association of the Locksmiths of America. So, you can trust them.  Since they are trained and certified, they are thoroughly professional. They have the car locksmith tools required to perform the car locksmith service. Some of the companies work 24×7, even on public holidays. These affordable locksmiths even give you the quote upfront. They help you in both lock repair and key replacement for your vehicle. 

For all these reasons, it is best to call a reliable locksmith company instead of some random locksmiths.

What information should I give to the Emergency Locksmith to enable me to reopen my car?

You must gather this basic information to give to your qualified locksmith. These details include Vehicle make,  Model number, Date of Purchase, Vehicle registration, Vehicle Identification Number, etc.

Also, let the locksmith know if your car key is a remote key fob or an electronic one with a transponder chip. This will help him in fabricating the spare one for you quickly.

Do I need the key code of the lost key when I call the locksmith?

Nowadays, locksmiths can cut a key without its original key code. They can make a key just like the original one without the code. All they need is the full vehicle details for your key duplication service.

Should I go to the dealer to get a new transponder key?

The majority of the Locksmith serve as the primary provider of transponder keys. So even if you go to a dealer, he will get the transponder keys done through an experienced locksmith.  Instead, you can contact automotive locksmith services and get it done at a reduced price.

Does a locksmith know how to replace a transponder chip or key fob?

An experienced locksmith can do a key fob replacement or program a new electronic chip for you. He can make a replacement key or proximity fob in minutes.

Do we have to take the car to the locksmith?

Not at all. Your Mobile Locksmith will be at your location within minutes of your call. Unlike a dealer, the locksmith works at your premises. 

Will it take a lot of time to make a spare set of keys?

Not with your qualified locksmith. He will make the new key within 20- 45 minutes of your call. Only if the locksmith has no key blank, does he ask you to come the next day.

Is replacing car keys an expensive option?

The average cost for a key replacement for any type of vehicle is $50-$200. Key replacement costs depend on the type of key you order. It is an Affordable Option and you can get a key in stock as well. Only luxury cars with push-button start and keyless ignition.

Losing your car keys is not a major mishap. The aforementioned scenarios show the backup methods to get a replacement key. All you need is an able locksmith like HOU Locksmith in Houston with mobile services to get your key replacement.


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