Locksmiths receive hundreds of calls from stranded motorists who have locked themselves out of their cars. It’s happened to just about everyone at least once, and it’s a pain to deal with. 

In this blog post, our experts will advise you on what to do in case you or your loved one is in a car lockout situation.

What Should You Do When You’re Locked Out Of Your Car?

These are the top four things you should do if you get locked out of your car.

Try to Remain Calm and Think

The first thing you should do when you realize that you’ve just locked yourself out of your car is to try and take a deep breath. Easier said than done, right? Think about your options. Are you sure that you locked all the doors? If you’re not sure, try to open the other doors. It could be possible that a car glass window can be opened without damaging it. Perhaps you hid a spare key outside of your car. Otherwise, you could call a friend or family member to bring you a spare key. The point is, when facing a high-pressure incident such as a car lockout, you tend to go into panic mode without assessing the situation and exploring all your options. Try to remain calm and think.

Consider Roadside Assistance

The second action to take during a car lockout is to consider roadside assistance. If you have an AAA or Auto Club membership or another standalone roadside assistance company, they may be able to unlock your car free of charge. If not, many auto insurance companies offer roadside assistance or a lockout assistance plan that includes lockout services. Be aware that this warranty service may be something you will need to pay out of pocket for and be reimbursed later on. Having a roadside service through a tow truck operator to unlock your car can be expensive, often starting at $75 or more. You can always negotiate and get a better rate with the car insurance companies for these services. 

Handle It Later

The third option when facing a car lockout is to handle it later. Kick the can down the road and cross that bridge when you get to it. If you’re already running late for a meeting or a doctor’s appointment and don’t have time to wait to get unlocked, you might need to leave your car until later. This might mean calling a friend or family member for a ride, using a service like Uber, or taking public transportation. While taking a different means of transportation may be inconvenient or cost extra money, you might also be able to refocus and figure out a solution for later in the day. However, you need to make sure that your car is parked in a safe location as an added precaution.

Call a Locksmith

The fourth and final thing you should do when you realize that you’ve just locked yourself out of your car is to try and take a deep breath. Depending on your situation and available rescue scenarios, it might be best to trust locked car unlocking professionals at your local reliable locksmith. They are always available to help you get back in your car quickly using their professional car-opening tools. With a known locksmith, the experience doesn’t have to ruin your entire day! Keep the number of a local locksmith and law enforcement on hand so when you’re locked out, you know who to call.

Car Lockout Assistance in Houston

HOU Locksmith helps people who locked themselves out of their cars in Houston and its nearby areas. Our professional Houston locksmith company will immediately dispatch our mobile locksmith van to your location and get you back into your car one way or another. Call Leon Podolner at 713-425-2525 if you’re facing an emergency car lockout situation.


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