Unable to locate your automobile keys even if you searched everywhere? It seems like your key is lost in some way that is beyond recovery.

Automotive theft rates in large cities have been climbing regularly, particularly during hard times. Thankfully, there are some solutions to your lost car keys problem.

Automotive Key Replacement at Your Car Dealership

Are there any specific instructions that you need to follow to get your replacement car keys at a dealership?

Yes, definitely. To replace your motor vehicle keys at your local car dealership, there are three fundamental instructions that you have to be aware of.

  • Note down any unusual issues with your vehicle like the service engine light, engine air filter, key or ignition problem, dashboard console, etc. 
  • Accurately denote your vehicle identification number after a vehicle inspection. This number is usually found on many places such as the strip that is in the windshield towards the driver’s side, in the driver’s door frame, on the registration number, and on the insurance card.
  • Make a call to the parts dealership department within your locale. Explain to them that you have misplaced your motor vehicle keys or have a dead key fob and hence want to make an order for a replacement smart key or brand new key. Using the Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) the order can be completed over the phone. However, for the replacement keys, you will have to personally pick them up.
  • The last instruction is to pick up your key fob replacement from your local dealership. You will have to present to them your registration, and picture of identification. You should know that no car dealership will give you a replacement smart key without having you prove the ownership of your motor vehicle.

Auto Key Replacement Tips 

Here are some tips to replace your lost car key from our professional locksmith who regularly deals with car key services like car key duplication.

  • Whatever the reason for losing your car key, an automotive locksmith should be able to help you with car key duplication or key fob replacement. 
  • Sure, you can always call your local car dealer to ask for a quote on replacement car keys, but by now you’d have known if you did call, or you will find out if you do call, that dealers can charge you anywhere from $100 to $350 per key. 
  • That’s pretty steep considering that a Professional locksmith can provide you the same quality of lost car keys you needed replacing. 
  • It’s even more outrageous when you have to consider that dealers will often instruct you to hire a towing service and have your car towed to their location so they could work on replacing your smart key. This is severely impractical as towing services do not necessarily charge cheap. 
  • An expert auto locksmith, however, can come to your place and replace your motor vehicle keys as they come equipped with the machine and tools needed to cut your key and reprogram your car and its key vehicle systems if needed. 

Lost Car Key Replacement in Houston

Have you lost the keys to your automobile? If you are unable to find them, do not fret. HOU Locksmith can satisfy your automotive locksmith needs in Houston. Call Leon Podolner at 713-425-2525 for our car locksmith services.


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