A traditional lock like a mortise lock or deadbolt provides security. But , does it provide access control? Can you monitor who goes in and out of your home or office? Not with a regular lock but yes with a smart lock.

The best feature of the smart lock is its facility of remote operation. The smart lock can be operated from anywhere, even across the world, All you need is an internet connection and a smartphone. With these, you can lock or unlock your doors even from a distant location.

The other handy feature of the smart locks is its app-enabled access. Whoever has the app and knows the access codes can enter the premises. This helps you offer temporary access to repair and security personnel.

Having understood the advantages of smart locks, let us move on to selecting one based on the below pointers.

Points to consider before buying a smart lock

Type of lock

The first factor you must decide upon is the type of smart lock you need. Smart locks are of 3 types-  mortise locks, lever locks, and deadbolt locks.

Lever locks

Lever smart locks are suitable only for doors with a single hole and fitted with a knob or lever. The smart lock is fitted within the hole and is totally concealed by the knob or lever. This smart locks is almost invisible!

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt smart locks are fitted to the current lock or deadbolt. This type of lock is suitable for you if you are nor adept at using tools. There are 2 types of deadbolt smart locks. One replaces only the interior side of the deadbolt . The other replaces the complete deadbolt itself.

Mortise locks

If you want to install a Mortise Smart Lock, you must call a professional locksmith. This complex lock has all the locking mechanisms integrated within the handle .

Level of security 

The object of buying electronic locks is to enhance your security. Check the layer of security your smart lock provides. Make sure it has SSL encryption for protecting your data from hackers.

Mode of Unlocking 

The next thing to consider is the way your smart lock unlocks. Does it have automatic unlocking?  Or does it use app unlocking? Some smart locks even unlock using a keypad. Some even unlock through Voice Assistants like Amazon Alexa using Smart Home technology. Analyze which technology would suit all the individuals using the door and then decide.

Z wave technology and Remote Access 

Buy smart locks that support Z wave technology. This will help you to integrate the lock to your home security system. Regular smart locks may have Bluetooth connectivity but may not be able to connect to the home network. Get a  Z-Wave lock that connects directly to the smart hub at your home. Now, you can access your home from any location.

Battery Life 

Check out the battery life of the keyless entry locks before you buy.  Normally, the  batteries used are AA batteries. Buy a smart lock with a low battery indicator to signal the end of your battery life.

Hands-free Access

In order to prevent you from using your hands physically to operate the door, smart locks now come with hands-free access. Here, geofencing is used to lock the door only when you leave the area along with your phone.

Customized access

In order to grant access to selective people when you are not available, you can use customized codes. This means allotting different user codes for different users. You can coin a temporary code for guest access while permanent default codes can be given to residents only.

In-built Wi-Fi Smart Lock

To operate smart locks, a WiFi connection is a must. But, your lock should not stop functioning if the connection is lost. So, it is wise to choose a smart locks with inbuilt WiFi.

Choose the best smart lock for your home or office using above pointers. Call an expert HOU locksmith service for its professional installation.


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