A home or house lockout is one of the frequently occurring problems that home owners and tenants have to contend with. This is either due to forgetting your set of keys before stepping out and getting locked out or grabbing the wrong set of keys only to find that they do not work when you return back from work or an errand.

After thinking and worrying a lot, being unable to force your way in and asking around for help, you decide to check online and call a local locksmith to let you in. There may be some questions running in your head once the professional locksmith gets to work on your door locks.

Leon Podolner, the chief locksmith at HOU Locksmith, a leading residential locksmith in Houston answers a few questions that anxious property owners may have about the lockout process.

What are the typical business and house lockout situations that Locksmiths deal with?

Use Case #1 – The customer has just rushed to open his own office battling heavy traffic only to realize he has left the office keys at home. It’s frustrating to drive back an hour and there are no spare sets of keys with other employees also arriving to work. 

Use Case #2 – You are playing with your kid or pet and they decide to rush past you and out of the house. You also rush to catch them and the door bangs shut right behind you. To your dismay, it’s locked shut and your kid now wants to get back into the house.

Use Case #3 – A busy mom with two small kids in tow has just returned from shopping and her hands are full of grocery bags. She unlocks the door of her Houston home, enters and dumps the bags inside. Then she goes out to the car to pick up the kids. The front door of her home snaps shut behind her. This is a  typical home lockout situation. 

Will my house be damaged when opening the door?

If you choose to use a less than professional and untrained locksmith, they might damage your locks or doors while picking it. Some Houston locksmiths have been known to simply break it and even ask you to buy a new one. These are scammers who quote cheap prices over the internet and might show up with a drill or a hammer and destroy your new door locks. 

How fast can you help me get back into my home?

Based on our experience of dealing with hundreds of home lockout situations, it takes between 20 – 45 minutes to analyse the door and lock system, get working on it and safely open the door without any damages to the door or lock. This does not include travel time to the home or apartment.

However an exact estimate can be made only after coming to the location and checking the lock installation and locking mechanism.

Choose a quality residential locksmith who can take care of any locksmithing emergency and any lock type. Home lockout situations can be stressful but not any longer when you have HOU Locksmith.

A true lock company like HOU Locksmith will know how to pick your locks and safely let you into your home. If by some chance we have to destroy your lock, we will offer you a replacement lock on the spot. We will never charge you more than the same lock would cost at a retail store. What’s more, we can make you a spare set of apartment keys or new house keys as well. 

Yes, Houston trusts HOU Locksmith for their lockout services and emergency locksmith service and you can too. Get inside your house quickly, inexpensively, and safely with our house and apartment door lockout service in Houston. 

Call Leon at (713) 425 2525 for a fast and free home lockout quote today!


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