Life makes us face tricky situations and one such thing is getting locked out. You can get locked out of your home, office, or vehicle. And when this happens, you need an instant solution. What would you do? Call a Mobile Locksmith or go to a locksmith shop?

Leon Podolner, Head of the professional locksmith company HOU Locksmith in Houston, TX, shares his thoughts on why he thinks mobile locksmiths offer greater advantages than a physical locksmith shop or store.

So what are the differences between a Mobile Locksmith & a Locksmith store?

Should you call a Mobile Locksmith or go to a Locksmith store? These differences pointed out by Leon should help you decide.

  1. Immediate Action and Solution

When you get locked out, the first thing you do is panic. You then try to search for an instant solution, and this you can get only by calling a Mobile Locksmith. There might be no locksmith shop nearby or they might not be open. If you try to go to a locksmith shop with your lock or keys, you may waste time in travel and wait. Or they might not have the expertise to solve your problem. For emergency lockout, mobile locksmiths are the only option and they will arrive in minutes and let you into your house or car.

  1. Any-time Service

A Locksmith shop might seem to be a good option but remember one thing, shops have fixed work timings and holidays as well. So, if you get locked out of your home in the middle of the night or get stranded, you may find that nearby shops are closed for the day. But, a Mobile Locksmith is available 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. They also give you an on-call service both day and night.

  1. Expert Help

Locksmith shops might sell locks and keys but they might not have locksmiths to help you open your lock or replace your missing keys. A Mobile Locksmith company has trained experts on its rolls. They have experience in handling all types of locks including both manual and electronic clocks and security systems.

  1. Equipment on Hand

A locksmith shop may deal with locks and keys but they may not have the specific equipment required to repair your locks or replace your keys. Mobile Locksmiths always have the necessary equipment in hand wherever they go. They make sure they carry the tools and equipment required for that specific repair request. 

  1. Wide range of lock and key services

A locksmith shop may sell locks and keys but a Mobile Locksmith can offer a wider range of lock repair services since they also carry spare keys and key-cutting equipment in their van. They do the fixing, repairing, or replacing locks, and keys. They handle everything from home and car lockouts to broken locks and damaged keys. Some Mobile Locksmiths also offer special services like forensic locksmithing. This service allows them to determine whether someone has tampered with the lock with or not.

For all the above reasons, it is best to call a Mobile Locksmith than browsing for a Locksmith shop.

At HOU Locksmith, our expert mobile locksmiths are just a phone call away. Our mobile locksmith services ensure that an emergency gets the fastest possible response. Call Leon at 713-425-2525 today and test it for yourself!  


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