When you have a problem with your lock and key system, you call a locksmith. But which one to call? Customer experience based on their online, chat, or phone engagement is one of the top factors that help decide on finalizing one locksmith for a job over the other.

Customer experience involves the customer journey towards complete satisfaction. This includes factors like service quality, customer support, knowledgebase,  response time, etc. A successful locksmith must fulfill all these to give an excellent service performance. 

Leon Podolner, Head of the professional locksmith company HOU Locksmith in Houston, TX, shares his thoughts on the locksmith factors that impact customers during the onsite or store visits. 

Let us look at these one-by-one.

1. Service Quality

Service quality is the most important factor that provides customer satisfaction. A locksmith is said to offer high service quality if he solves the locking issue in the shortest time and if the service job is performed in a thorough manner. Proactive support is also appreciated and becomes a part of high service quality.

2. Knowledgebase

If the locksmith cannot handle your superior locking system, you as the customer will be dissatisfied. Your locksmith can offer a good customer experience only when he has a wide knowledge base. This includes knowledge about the latest technology and tools needed for locksmith services. Your locksmith must know to install or repair all types of lock and key system. He must deal with both manual and electronic locks and must handle commercial, industrial and residential locks.

3. Expert Installation

Everyone appreciates a locksmith who is an expert at handling complex lock and key systems. Expert installation means the locksmith has done a perfect job that needs no rework. Every nut, screw, or bolt is in place. The installation was a smooth job done in the shortest time.

4. Response time

You face a locking issue and called the locksmith. How long did he take to respond? Was there a delay because it was late in the evening or early morning. These are the factors that determine the response time of the locksmith. Customers are happy only when the locksmith responds to the call at once. They also expect the locksmith to arrive at their location and finish the service on time.

5. Attitude

How courteous is the locksmith on the phone? This counts when it comes to offering customer service. Everyone likes a friendly and helpful locksmith.  What they need is a locksmith who can listen to their problem with patience and solve it with readiness. This is why the locksmith’s pleasant attitude creates a great customer experience.

6. Customer Support

It is not enough if a locksmith comes and repairs your lock or key system. What about the after-service support? What kind of customer support does the locksmith offer? Is it a 24×7 chat support or email support? Do they have a dedicated phone number for customer service? All this counts as part of the customer experience with a locksmith.

7. Affordable pricing

Customers always favor locksmiths who offer affordable prices and genuine discounts.  They search for lock services with a fair price and no markup above the market rates.  A good locksmith will offer upfront estimates with transparent pricing.

8. Customer reviews

Customers like to opt for locksmiths with a vast customer base. They prefer to hear what loyal customers say about the locksmith. They look at review sites to see the true customer reviews of the locksmith. So, it is vital for a locksmith to have good customer reviews on social media and review sites. The social proof helps in accentuating a great customer experience.

Getting any locksmith to work on your job is easy, but for great customer experience, you need the right locksmith to fulfill the above needs. 

Choose the right locksmith who can give value for your money. This comes not just with good service but from a great customer experience.

At HOU Locksmith, our expert and trained locksmiths are just a phone call away. Our friendly customer service team ensures that an emergency gets the fastest possible response from the HOU Locksmith team. Call Leon at (713) 425 2525 today and test it for yourself!    


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