Be it a small Texas-based startup or a multi-billion Houston headquartered oil conglomerate, every business owner will have peace of mind only when he keeps his business safe. The first thing to do to achieve this is to make the exterior doors secure. 

Physical security comes only by providing superior security to the entry doors and all exit points.  This security does not come by merely tugging the mechanical door locks on a daily basis to check if they are fully locked. All it takes is a couple of hammer blows to break even a deadbolt! What you need is additional security for your exterior door locks.

Ways to protect your exterior business locks

Type of lock

The level of security you provide for your commercial property depends on the type of lock you choose. You must first get acquainted with the different lock types. Check out traditional commercial door locks like single-cylinder locks or double-cylinder locks,  mortise locks, or deadbolts. Have a look at electronic locks, keypad locks, and smart locks. Learn more about biometric locks, finger door locks, etc to see if this technology can upgrade your business security.

Keyed entry or keyless entry

This is something which you have to decide at the initial stage itself before you start strengthening the security of your business locks. 

Some business owners still prefer keyed locks as they are cheap, convenient to use, and easy to install. This option can work well provided you double the security of these mechanical locks with latch guards, deadbolts, or steel bars and have a burglar alarm fitted as well. But for huge commercial buildings or large businesses, this will not work.

Keyless entry systems are the best way to safeguard factory locks, garage entry doors, and the glass doors of your posh office. These systems offer not only keyless access but also help you control and monitor it for maximum security.

Weigh the pros and cons of both options and carefully decide.

Grading of commercial locks

Commercial locks are graded as 1,2, and 3 depending on their strength, security, material, finish, etc.  Grade 2 locks are used mainly for areas with moderate traffic like apartment complexes or office storage rooms where valuable equipment, merchandise or digital assets are stored. For high-traffic areas like schools, hospitals, or museums, grade 3 locks are best advised.

Selection of lock products based on traffic and usage area

Before you do the selection of lock products for your commercial application,  first make a note of the area and manner of its usage and also the traffic in the area. Depending on this, you can select among these common types of business locks.

  • For business areas with heavy foot traffic,  mortise locks are the best. These locks can withstand frequent use and can resist forced entry. 
  • In commercial buildings with fire applications, use panic crash bars. They are durable and easy to use in an emergency.
  • If you are more into design styles of locks to enhance the aesthetics of your office, you can use cylindrical lever locks. These locks use a key and a push-button on the handle at the most. They are available in different design styles to match your taste.
  • If you want to give access to your commercial building to many people without giving any key, then the keypad lock is just right for you. It operates on code and can be installed on any door. It can also be programmed to be locked for a long period of time like the whole night.
  • If you want to have remote access and security control for your business property, use a Wi-Fi smart lock.

Additional security 

For additional security of your commercial property,  you can use electric strikes or latch guards.

Electric strikes

These are used along with other locks like keypad locks or panic bars. The strike opens only when you hit a buzzer or swipe a key fob against a pad. 

Latch guard

The latch guard covers the entire door and frame with a metal plate for complete protection.

Engage the right locksmith

Total security for your commercial premises does not come with just buying high-security locks. You must enlist a professional locksmith company to install them. An experienced Houston locksmith will actually guide you on how best you can upgrade the security of your business locks.

Protect your exterior business locks with peace of mind knowing they will be safe in the care of a reliable HOU Locksmith. Call us today at (713) 425-2525.


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