In today’s age of emerging technologies, everything is digital.  There are plenty of reasons to go for a digital lock so, why you should opt for it? Are digital locks worth it? Let us check them out.

What is a digital lock?

A digital lock is one that does not use a physical key to unlock it. It uses an electronic or battery-operated system to open it. Digital locks can even have a latch or bolt. But this latch or bolt operates on a keyless model. That is the basic feature of a digital lock

Digital locks are the modern alternative to conventional locks and can be termed smart locks. They help to automate the locking system using a remote. These electronic locks can be used for vehicles, doors, windows, cabinets, safety lockers, etc. To sum up, a digital lock is an electronic lock that provides keyless access control and a locking system with adequate security. 

Digital locks are of different types depending upon their mode of operation. You can operate digital locks using a key fob or a key card. These use RFID or Radio Frequency Identification for access with the help of proximity sensors. The other option is to use digital locks with biometric identification. These locks use a thermal or photo scanner for fingerprint or face recognition. However, the best alternative is to use a smart digital lock. These digital locks operate via WiFi or Bluetooth connectivity through an app. Whatever be the type of digital lock, it is best to call a professional locksmith company for the smart lock installation. They are the right people who can install, repair or replace smart locks. They have both the training and certification for installing digital locks.

What are the benefits of using Digital locks?

No need for keys
Digital locks have no keys. They operate on a keyless mode using an electronic chip, sensor, etc. So, there is no more worry about keeping the key safe or having spare keys made.

No fear of missing keys
Since there are no keys for digital locks, you need not worry about missing keys. Even if you forget the access code, your RFID key card or key fob can be reprogrammed.

No fear of theft by key duplication
With digital locks, access is by access code, RFID signal, or biometric identification. So, you no longer need to worry about your lock being picked with a duplicate key. Stay theft-free with such secure smart locks.

Ideal for monitoring access
With digital locks, you can constantly be aware of who operates the lock, how many times, and when. This access monitoring is highly useful for offices and factories where the physical assets have to be secured.

Ideal for restricting access
In offices and factories, certain areas need restricted access. Only a few people with the access code can be allowed to enter to maintain confidentiality. For such purposes, digital locks are the best as they help to restrict access easily.

Ideal for offices, hospitals, and hotels
Since digital locks are easy to install and ideal for regulating access, they are best suited for offices, hospitals, and hotels. Since these are places with crowd usage, using digital locks can help us keep tabs on who gets in and out.

Ideal for homes and apartment complexes
For homes and apartment complexes too, smart locks are ideal.  Each resident or family member can be allotted a separate key card. This means no outsider can enter without the card. And even if cards are stolen, they can be tracked easily.

Digital locks offer maximum security and convenience to the user. Install smart locks for your home or office at once. Call expert HOU locksmiths for installing digital locks with ease and efficiency. 



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