A lock secures your property from threats. We are living in dangerous times and one must guard against crime vagrants and burglars especially if living or owning a business in big cities like Houston, Texas.

To maintain proper protection and security you must install powerful locks to your property. Several locks appear to look simple but feature complex specifications. Therefore, let’s pay attention to essential features of different lock types that keep trespassers at bay with the help of our locksmith in Houston 

Types of locks for domestic as well as commercial use

The purpose of locking devices is to protect your property and bolster home security. The residential locks are used for household purposes, and the commercial locks are preferred for industrial use. 

Residential locks 

These locks are used for homes and apartment complexes and are installed via residential locksmith services.

  • Clever fingerprint padlocks: These high-quality fingerprint padlocks are difficult to hack and crack. 
  • Deadbolt locks: These types of locks are mostly preferred to secure the exterior doors. 
  • Door Knob locks: Door Knob locks are the standard locks that most property owners get installed. 
  • Cylindrical Lever Locks: These locks are used both in domestic and industrial purposes. 

Commercial locks

Commercial locks are usually more advanced than residential locks and are implemented through commercial locksmith services.

  • Electric Strike control locks: With this electric strike lock, your business will be secured even during power shutdowns.
  • Electromagnetic lock: This is another unique lock for industrial use. However, electromagnetic locks are generally installed in cabin doors to control traffic and not for security purposes.
  • Electromechanical lock: This high-tech lock features sensors and is quite popular among business users. 

Why is it important to choose the right lock type? 

Nobody likes an unwanted guest exploring your office or home due to your carelessness and lack of proper security. In order to reduce the potential and temptation to  trespass, it is essential to install sturdy locks at the entrance and other doors/safes that contain valuables. If you are continuing with the same old antique and traditional locks and remain unwilling to install new modern locks, then you are risking the safety of yourself and your loved ones. It should be a quick decision to move over to newer and high quality door locks.

Key reasons to install powerful locks at your property 

A protection shield:

The lock secures your property like a shield. If the safety at the entrance is powerful and visible, then the potential intruder would think twice before planning to step into your property premises. On the other hand, a damaged or faulty lock enables the thieves to quickly enter your house and steal expensive items without any hassle. 

Commercial security: 

Do you want to keep your official documents safe? If yes, do not rely on old locking mechanisms. Several up-to-date locks feature unique and latest door lock technology specifications like if an intruder tries to unlock the door, a high-tech lock sends an automatic alert- notification to the owner. This enable you to reach out to the cops or a security service for fast action.

Restrict availability: 

The mere act of installing a high-quality lock  the door means you are restricting the entry of unwanted people. This is good for maintaining privacy. If there is no lock, then the door may be liable to be opened with a mere push. Therefore, you must use sturdy locks, especially  in offices. 

The security of your pet: 

Do you have a pet? Then you must install sturdy locks at the entrance. Innocent pets often fail to recognize threats and tend to step outside. Getting a heavy-duty safety padlock will keep your pet safe and secure. 

Prevent robbers: 

Sometimes, the robbers or dangerous offenders may try to enter your house forcefully. Do not worry! With high-quality locks, you and your family will be completely fine. 

All in all, if you install a wrong lock type to the door, then all your efforts  will be in vain. Therefore, hire a professional locksmith in Houston like HOU Locksmith and enjoy ultimate Door security and safety.

Give Leon a call at 713-425-2525. Especially during uncertain times like these, safety and security of you and your family should be your prime concern.


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