Remote keyless entry systems have revolutionized both the construction and automobile industries. Auto manufacturers have found the proximity keyless entry systems a blessing as they created a new niche market and a demand for keyless vehicles. 

What exactly is an RKE – remote keyless system? Allow an expert from our professional locksmith company to explain.

Remote Keyless Systems – the meaning

A Remote Keyless System is a locking mechanism that uses an electronic remote enclosed within the ignition key. The remote has 2 buttons – one for locking and the other for unlocking the car doors. The lock is activated by the remote by pressing the remote button or by proximity. In other words, the lock can open even if the hand-held remote is nearby.

History of the remote keyless entry systems 

In 1980, Ford introduced the first keyless entry system in its Ford Thunderbird. Other vehicles like Mercury Cougar, Lincoln Continental Mark VI. They had a keypad on the exterior of the car on the driver’s side. This keypad had 5 buttons to enter the code. 

In 1982, the first handheld remote control for a car came in with the Renault Fuego. Later, it was adopted by General Motors in its vehicles in 1989. Nowadays, most cars use

Working of the remote keyless systems

The keyless remote has an in-built short-range radio transmitter. This transmitter must be within 20m of the car for it to work. When you press the button on the remote, the button sends an RF signal to the receiver in the car. These RF signals are unique code signals sent by the code transmitter to the receiver. On receiving the right signal, the car door gets unlocked. This is indicated by a distinctive sound followed by the flashing of headlights.

Passive entry RKE systems

A passive entry remote keyless system is an automatic keyless entry system. Here, the system operates on its own automatically when the user is in proximity or near the car. When the user approaches the car, the door opens and when he walks away, the donor locks shut.

The passive entry device can work even if it is in the user’s pocket or bag. This is unlike the entry remote which has to be held in hand by the user and a button must be pressed to open or close the car.

The Passive entry system uses a radio frequency key fob or smart card, or even a mobile app. The passive entry RKE key fob and the vehicle module have transceivers to communicate with each other. The vehicle module transmits a function code to which the passive entry RKE key fob responds if it is nearby. If the radio frequency signals sent are colorectal and match that of the vehicle, the door opens. 

In 1980, Siemens developed this technology and it was first implemented in the Mercedes Benz Keyless Go vehicle as “ Keyless Enter N Go Passive Entry”.

Passive entry RKE key fobs use rolling codes as an additional security measure to prevent illegal car entry 

Rolling code

The remote keyless systems use the system of a rolling code to prevent car theft and break-ins. This code is a 40-bit code generated each time the car is unlocked. A pseudorandom number generator generates this 40-Bit Rolling Code as the unique unlocking sequence for your car. 

Programming the passive entry RKE key fobs 

Usually, an automobile manufacturer programs the key fob. But an excellent locksmith can also do it. The car is first set to the programming mode. To program the code, the car is started several times while holding a lever or a button. This sequence is encoded as a code and stored by the car’s onboard computer. While the car is in programming mode, one of the fob buttons is pressed to send this code to the computer. The computer saves this code and comes out of program mode.

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